Homemade Sour Cream And Onion Seasoning For Popcorn A Good Recipe For Sour Cream And Onion Flavored Seasoning?

A good recipe for sour cream and onion flavored seasoning? - homemade sour cream and onion seasoning for popcorn

I want to make my own sour cream and onion powder flavor. They know how to get them fries, dry, not creamy bath. I use it in homemade chips, popcorn, sesame sticks and other snacks. Does anyone know the recipe?


Nathalie K said...

what comes to mind is the dust of the vinegar in vinegar and salt to season the chips used ... Perhaps if the milk powder mixture and onion powder. (dried chives for color) .. This work could ... Vinegar can be ordered on powder bulkhttp: / / / www.suttonsbayspices.com taste ... On Line

Robert S said...

No, but here is a simple cream and onion sauce:
Lo equal parts sour cream and yogurt.
1 tablespoon mayonnaise for the preservatives and emulsifiers.
Add some French Lipton onion soup mix, as desired.

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