Motorcycle Locks How Effective Is A Motorcycle Disc Lock?

How effective is a motorcycle disc lock? - motorcycle locks

I saw Xena disc locks, alarm systems, a get, they are fitted with efficient enough to one? Was it worth it?


Ruttiger said...

I have great Xena disc lock with alarm Sliver my Harley. The alarm is good as the person to steal a bicycle, he knows he's there. It is certainly high. I once heard they let me into my apartment about 100 meters. out. But that only works once. The siren is on the handle to the outside, and is easily covered by the hand, if you wish. Sometimes I am covered with a case that was not opened to wake the neighbors. If you cover it well, can no longer hear. On the positive side, you will probably have no damage is done to your bike to try to him about the role, we know that because when you bike.

As for the effectiveness of disc locking-General ... eh, if you a light wheel that are completely unnecessary. The majority of bicycle thieves, take the bike and throw it into the back of a truck or van. If you have a large bike is making a bit more efficient. But at the same time, all someone has to do is lift the tires with his locks. Getting an inch ofFloor, a cart and push it under the wheel, a ramp into a truck.

And for the man about how your bike with a padlock to secure long shackle said. I've cut a pair of 24 "necklaces and that may have dozens of palaces. The one with a long bar is particularly helpful.

quasar said...

its not their own, not to recommend a disc lock, if everything goes to use one of our guys took 10 minutes to get a lock disk to other boys, who had forgotten his key, to
would be thought of as additional block route and buy a cheap plastic keychain ATACH then clip other end to the clutch lever to form a whole and not much time can I remember Lock apprendrais

jrrysimm... said...

They are better than nothing. but if thieves want to be just locked the wheels on a skateboard. Barbwire Kryptonite lock is the best. We talked about the Kryptonite locks easy to choose a specific date. If you do not worry about that barbed wire is a different brand of lock is used.

guardrai... said...

If you still receive and lock onto a hard drive --
Put a warning in the vicinity of the counter or on your keychain.
I heard many stories of drivers forget that the blockade was behind the wheel and go WHOOOPPPSSSS ......!
Enter one or stoppie endo.

indianjo... said...

A padlock with a $ 10 Shackel time which is not the same
I use a pair of handcuffs

azgreybe... said...

depends on how the situation is not a test, try and a pit bull chained to make it fool

infoman6... said...

and has with him the wheel does not roll and it seemed DHAV move .... Pick the group is that if you get there and try to ride could invest or break the rotor .... Ive had my bike for 8 years and have only a lock for a couple of times, but I think it depends on where you leave it .... and in reality, nothing is better than nothing right

Magz AMCNAS leader said...

everything that he does not worry him to steal his motorcycle into the next door is helpful ...

Is it easy? no

If they can not steal your bike? yes

but every bit counts

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